Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wow..so it's been about four years since I've been on here. I wasn't even sure if this site still existed. So where to start...um, a lot has happened in my life since I was seventeen. I'm 21 now. To go from my other posts. I still own my dog Bridget. lol She has grown so big! But she's still as cute as ever. I have a pug Honey too. They're my babies that I love very much. I'm back home living with my parents for the moment. So I can try and save money. I'm working a part time job at a near by tanning salon. I'm looking into a 2nd job though still. Possibly at this daycare close by. I haven't gone to college yet. I'm still undecided with some things. And I need to save money up first. But What my dreams and ideal goals would be, is to move somewhere close to the beach. Be a freelance writer. Novels or short stories mostly. And do modeling and photography on the side. Then once I get my life going I'm going to probably take piano, voice and acting lessons on the side. Cause they're some things I've always wanted to do. I guess I'm just trying to make something of my life. I'm a small town girl with big hopes. I'm currently single. And I honestly want to keep it that way. I've had a lot of heart ships these past four years. With guys, wrong crowds of friends, you name it. Like any other normal teenager I was faced with some life choices and heartbreaks. But all's you can do is live and try and learn from your mistakes. I try not having too many regrets. Cause I don't want to waste my life being unhappy and wishing things 
could have been different. So I'm starting to make better choices for myself now. I just keep to myself mostly. I just work and spend time with family. It's what I need to do at the moment to keep myself safe and healthy. I'm finally...getting my first car here very soon. So no longer using one of my parents cars. Yay! lol It'll be a lot easier getting to and from work. And just to all the places I need to be without bothering my parents. So I'm pretty excited about that. Tomorrow I'm also making an appointment for my hair. I'm going to be a redhead! lol My inspiration is Maci Bookout from 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. I love her hair and just her as a person in general. Bentley is so adorable. I can relate to her in a lot of ways. When I was 18 I met who I thought was the love of my life. It made me realize my first boyfriend and relationship wasn't true love afterall. I loved him as a person. But I wasn't in love with him. So it was a lot of firsts for me with my boyfriend. I fell in love, lost my v card. And like Maci, literally the first time.. We were almost blessed with a baby of our own. But due to some complications my angel was taken from me. It was definitely the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with. I considered going to counseling. But with a lot of just self soothing and talking with my Mom. I manged to get by. My Momma is my best friend and has helped me through so much. I still get sad whenever I think about it. And I still someday might go to a therapist just to be able to talk about it fully. I was never really able to grieve over it. I kind of just shut out my emotions in a lot of ways and became cold. I just had to try not to blame myself for reasons as to why it could have happened. Like being too stressed maybe, or not eating healthy or enough. My boyfriend and I were in a fight that day, and he was saying he was going to leave me too. So the whole experience was just awful. We officially broke up not long after. We were on again off again for two years. But I finally called it quits. Cause he really was not healthy for my life at all, with how horrible he treated me. I've had a lot of relationships gone bad since then and other hardships. But honestly I just think I'm scared to get too close to anyone. Hopefully one day I'll be able to figure things out in that department. But right now I just need and want to focus on me and what makes me happy. My future is what's most important. It's good to know that I have the love and support from my parents behind me with the choices and things I do in life. I don't know what I would do without them. They accept and love me for who I am. And want the absolute best for me in life. I'm actually hoping to possibly adopt in the future. Once I'm going good with my career and have a home of my own. I just keep making goals and looking to the future. It's what keeps me motivated and going. So maybe I'll get to posting some pictures on here once I have my red hair n stuff. And if anyone is actually reading this, I just wanna say thanks! lol I mostly just write cause it's a stress reliever for me. To get things off of my chest. It feels good. A lot of the reason I want to pursue a career in writing. But I'll try to post again soon. Thanks for reading. (:  ~A       

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mama Mia!

I was thinking about differn't things I like or love to do.....and I thought that I would write down a list.

I love collecting fortunes out of fortune cookies lol!

I love writing down differn't quotes and saying's. Just to name a few.....

Age only matters in the mind, if you don't mind it doesn't matter.

The capacity to care is the thing that which gives life it's deepest significance



~Forget the bad in the yesterdays, live for the moments in the day today, and hope for the coming days of tomorrow.~ But that last one was something I came up with :).

I love chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips, and I kinda like them better as dough too :D!

I love snuggling up in a blanket in front of our wood stove and reading a good book.

My favorite fruits are strawberries, especially when they are dipped in chocolate! Pineapple, green & purple grapes, peaches, and coconut....

I love chocolate!

My favorite kind of ice cream out of strawberry vanilla or chocolate is strawberry! My other favorite is Mint Chocolate Chip!

I love Ugg Boots!

My favorite colors are green, purple, black, silver, Blue, maroon,yellow,

My favorite numers are 6 and 2.

I love wings! I really wish I had a pair! And if I did I would probably want angel ones.

My favorite place to eat out on a regular day is Subway, but if I go out for like a sit down dinner it would probably be the Olive Garden.

I love watching movies! My latest rave is Mama Mia! ABBA songs are amazing!
I'm a BIG! Musical fan. Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady ect...!

I love the ocean! I want to live at the beach in Greece!

I love horseback riding!

I love going for walks on a warm summer night.

I love full moons!

I love reading....Stephenie Meyer, Annette Curtis Klause, Melissa De La Cruz, Susan Krinard, Jane Austen, just to name a few of my favorite AMAZING authors!

I love trampolines! Sooo much fun!

Favorite mythical creatures are vampire and werewolves.

Favorite mystical creatures are angels.

Favorite Holiday St.Patricks Day.

A few of my most want to visit destinations are Ireland, Paris, Greece, Transylvania, Rome, Venice, Prague, England, Australia....ect....! I really want to travel!

I love all my animals especially my puppies Bridget and Honey!

I love my family and friends who will be there for me when I need them most.

I could really be here all day....so if anyone wants to know more just ask. I'm sure I'll post again about more favorite things in my life lol. ~~

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My new puppy

I got a new puppy today from a shelter about five minutes away from my house. Her name is

Bridget BumbleBee and she is a hound mix. We think she has Beagle, German Short hair Pointer,

and Blue Tic in her. She's 8 weeks old, and the shelter has had her since she was five weeks.

They found her on a back road somewhere cold, wet and in the snow. She was scared of

everyone, and everything...so they didn't put her up for adoption until yesterday. Last

Saturday, I went over to the shelter to look at this other dog Crash. He was a Labrador

Retriever Husky mix. My Dad, cousin and I went over to look at him, and I fell in love! He was

such a sweetie! I said that I wanted to adopt him, and they asked if we had other dog's....and we

have two pugs. Sooo they said that they had to be updated with shots before we adopt a new dog

into the family....in case Crash happens to have some kind of disease or something or another.

So I asked them at the shelter if they could hold Crash for me until Monday...giving us time to

make an appointment at the vets for the pugs. But they said that they aren't allowed to do that

in less you live out of state or a long ways away. And I was like even if I put a down payment on

him?!? And of course they said NO! But they said if he was there by the time they closed, then

he would be there Monday morning. So on Monday we made an appointment for the pugs, and I

had my Dad call the shelter to see if Crash was still there.....and the lady said that people were

there looking at him now!! I was just hoping and praying the whole time that they didn't decide

to adopt him. So we went to the vets, and the pugs ended up having to have two differn't shots a

piece, their ears cleaned, flea medication, worm medication, ear drops, and one of them had to

have blood work done....because he has to have his teeth pulled....because they are almost

completely rotten....and he could actually get an infection and die! Sooo after all of that, and

$218.00 later we went out into the lobby.....and the receptionist lady asked if we wanted her to

call the shelter and see if Crash was there. So we said sure! And she's like oh I'm sorry! The

lady at the shelter said that he was adopted this morning. And I was beyond depressed

obviously! But they said that their is a trial period for three day's, to see if the dog works out

with the family. And if they bring him back, I'm at the top of the list to be able to adopt him.

Today was the third day, and no call from the shelter. I woke up, went pee and got on the

computer to check my email. So instead of typing in AOL like I meant to, it came out as the pet

search site I go through. So I was like okay that's weird...I must have just been thinking about

Crash, and subconsciously just typed it in. So I went to the site, and there she was! The first dog

at the top of the list....My little Bridget. They had called her V8 over at the shelter. I asked Dad

if we could go see her, and he said yes! So I rushed and got around as fast as I could, and we

went to the shelter. I asked if she was still there, and they said yep right out there and pointed

to her kennel. They said go get her and bring her in if you want. So Dad and I went over and

looked in, and there was the most perfect little puppy just staring up at me from her kennel. She

was so excited to see us that she peed on the floor. Can you say love at first site!?! "lol" So I

picked her up and she had the softest fur you could ever feel! I took her into the office...and said

this is the one for me! The ladies at the shelter said she really must like you too, because when

everyone holds her she get's all hyper and even shakes sometimes.....But with me she just kinda

sat there in my arms looking at me, and giving me kisses.

I'm not quite eighteen yet, so Dad had to sign the papers. They let me pick out a toy for her, so I

picked a purple and green robe tuggle chew toy....and then one of the ladies said here take a

tennis ball for her too! They gave me a sample bag of the kind of dog food that she eats and

everything. So soon enough Dad, Bridget and I were on our way home! Dad said I think I'm

going to be late for work, and I said I'm sorry...But isn't she worth it!?! Hee hee!

I didn't really have anything I needed for her yet. So Dad left for work and Mom, Bridget and I

went up town to get supplies. I bought her a matching collar and leash that's blue, with white,

pink, yellow and orange flowers on them.....a green & white sweater...a pink and brown t-shirt

that say's Boho Chic on it... a chicken/or rooster chew toy, a golden dog bed, a dish that looks

like a teacup for her water, and a blue with white paw prints dish for her food. I was going to

buy the food that they said she eats, but they were all out of it....so I got her treats instead,

because the sample bag they gave me will last a good couple of days. Soooo.... stocked up on

everything I needed, we went home. I think she is adapting very well so far. The pugs seem to

like her, and her the same to them....and she doesn't seem to like it when I get out of her site

either. "lol" Which is good, because I want her to like me.

Now I would tell you more about Me and my life with Bridget... but I don't know how the next

chapter goes.....seeing as how it hasn't happend yet.

Bridget and I both thank you all for reading about our story together so far. ~~

Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Post (Aka tears)

Today I broke up with my boyfriend of a day short than eight months. We have been friends since I was six years old. I met him when I moved into my house...he lived down the road from me. I had a crush on him since the first moment I literally saw him lol. We had been through alot together.....such as relationships on his end of course...school...family matters...and just life in general. I had to deal with watching him go through three serious relationships with girls. It was hard but I was there for him, like how I knew he would be there for me. One of the relationships was with my cousin ugh! And the other was with one of my best friends...let's add another UGH! My now ex-boyfriend, who we will call for now Gil....joined the Air Force almost two years ago. His first station was in England....which is where he is at still. Last June he came home on leave. He had just broken up with his girlfriend..aka one of my best friends, who we will call for now Claira. She had actually broken up with him...which is how it's alway's been with him. But he came home, and we were spending every waking moment with each other. And out of know where he said he had feelings for me....after all of these years! And right off the bat I'm thinking re-bound! But he said it wasn't, he said it was real. So we started going on dates, to see if it would work.....and he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. And it was amazing at first! I had been probably the happiest I've been in quite some time. But that all came to a great and sudden end, when he left to go back to England. And I wouldn't be able to see him again until this coming May. Now anyone out there who has been, or is in a relationship knows that long distance doesn't work out so hot. Because of his work, or my school we would sometimes go weeks even a month without talking! He said everything would be fine, and that he wanted me to come over to England in the summer, and travel Europe with him. Which is something I've alway's wanted to do....except ya know that takes money, and time.....which I didn't have because I have school....my senior year no less. And then I was like yeah we will end up having a great summer together, and then you stay in England....while I go back to the States. He is getting re-stationed in August, and he wants to come back to the states...and for me to come and live with him! Finally I was just thinking things through, and I knew that it wasn't going to work. So I called him on skype, and said that I think it would be better if we just went back to being friends. He started to cry! Which just about broke my heart....because let's face it, it will bring tears to anyone's eyes when a boy starts to actually cry! He said is their anything I can do to change your mind? And I said I don't think so no. I said that our relationship can only and ever be long distance, in less I'm willing to move away with you! And I need to be here.....I need my family and friends, and I would like to think that they need me too. He said that he understood, but would not stop trying to make things go back to how they were when he was home. I told him that I will alway's love, and be there for him. But I just can't be in a realationship with him at this point in my life. So we left things on pretty good terms...we are going to try and continue to talk, and be friends. Hopefully we will get past that weirdness....that is there right now. So yeah I just thought I would write and share about a moment of I'm sure many more to come in my life. But I am extremely tired....seeing as how it is three thirty in the morning. My cousin is spending the night tonight....because she is just great like that, and is there for me when I need her the most! :) So we are going to bid you a good night and sweet dreams. ~~

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